A Sebring woman is behind bars after police say she kidnapped her niece Sunday night.

According to a police report, officers responded to the 300 Block Indiana Ave. When they got there, the victim's legal guardian told police the victim's aunt, identified as 41-year-old Keleigh Rockewell demanded her to give her mother and sister’s ashes.

When the legal guardian refused to give the ashes to Rockwell, police say she tried to enter her house.

Police say the legal guardian pushed Rockwell away, so Rockwell left in her vehicle. A few moments later, police say the guardian's daughter and the victim were screaming that Rockwell drove back to the house and slammed the victim into her vehicle, shoved her into her car and drove away. 

Snapchat GPS led the police to the Sebring High School parking lot. When the police arrived at the parking lot, the vehicle was not there, but the victim's cell phone was on the side of the road.

A 911 call led police to Noble Avenue where they found Rockwell and the victim. Police were able to take Rockwell into custody.

When the police talked to the victim, she was crying and said Rockwell was going to take her to Florida. The victim also told police that Rockwell hit her multiple times, slapped her, threw her phone out the car window and threatened to beat her if she wouldn’t stop talking. 

Police say the victim attempted multiple times to leave the moving car, but Rockwell kept locking the doors. Police say at one point, the victim was able to get the door unlocked and ran to the nearest house for help.

She explained to the home owners she was kidnapped and was brought into the house. Once the victim was in the house, they called 911 from Noble Avenue in Alliance. Police say Rockwell tried to pull the victim out of the house, but the home owners kept her safe. 

Rockwell told police she was not trying to kidnap her niece stating that she wanted her niece to be with her and not strangers, but when the police asked for paperwork proving she had custody, she did not have any. 

According to the report, police found a small bag of methamphetamine and marijuana in Rockwell’s purse.

Rockwell was charged with kidnapping, disrupting public service, assault and theft.

Police say before leaving the Sebring Police Department, Rockwell stated “I don’t feel bad for anything I did.” Rockwell was then transported to the Mahoning County Jail on her charges.