When driving around Poland Township neighborhoods, you may notice utility boxes popping up in yards. The installed utility boxes are meant to provide more and better options for internet service.

Although the equipment could give residents better internet options, some residents are worried about having these boxes on their property.

Construction in these neighborhoods has been going on well over a year, with no end in sight.

"It's consumed us, personally, our resources, or officers, for well over a year," said Eric Ungaro, Poland township trustee chair of the board.

Poland Township received around 150 complaints. Most of those complaints are about how the resident's property looks. 

"Some of them also have transformers to power the equipment for the fiber optics, so you'll see a power box and a meter on it and it's just disgusting looking," said Nate Miller, Poland Township resident.

Miller said he is worried the above ground utility boxes could affect his property value.

Residents are not only concerned about the look of the utility boxes, but some also believe the exposed equipment poses a safety hazard. The seemingly random way the boxes have been installed is central to many complaints.

"But the thing about it is if this thing was planned properly, it had proper oversight, you wouldn't run into safety problems, you wouldn't run into this menagerie here," said David Kountz, Poland Township resident.

The Township said they are meeting with these internet companies weekly to make sure they can help resolve these problems.

Ungaro said if anybody has any concerns about the utility boxes or construction, reach out to the township.