WARNING: This story contains details that some readers may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised. 

A dog in Warren was rescued after being beaten by a group of people with a broken glass bottle and a metal pipe.

Healthy Hearts & Paws Project President and CEO Jason Cooke tells 21 News the incident occurred Friday afternoon at the Stonegate Apartments.

Cooke says a group of unknown individuals repeatedly beat the dog with a broken glass bottle (pictured below) and a metal rod.


Pictures posted to Healthy Hearts & Paws's Facebook page show the dog bleeding profusely from the face. More pictures posted show numerous bloodstains on the wall and floor of the scene.

According to a police report, a witness told officers he was hanging out in the hallway of the apartment building when a group of people came in wanting to fight him and his friends. 

The witness told police he did not know who these people were or why they wanted to fight.

Police say when the group approached the witness, the dog stood up, wagged his tail and stepped towards them as if he wanted to be petted. It was then that police say the group started beating the dog with the bottle and rod "out of nowhere."

Police say the group left the building after beating the dog.

Following the incident, the dog was taken to a home on Bingham Avenue by someone who Cooke says was taking care of the dog until he could find a new home. Cooke along with officers from the Warren Police Department were called to the home.

The dog was taken to Healthy Hearts & Paws where he was cleaned up and was resting comfortably.

Cooke tells us the dog was taken to a vet 9:00 a.m. Saturday where it was found that he did not suffer any broken bones or internal injuries and all cuts were superficial. Cooke says the dog is now on pain medications and he's confident the dog will recover.

Cooke says despite all that the dog has been through, he's been begging for attention and pets ever since he got to the shelter.

This comes at a time when the Healthy Hearts & Paws Project is already overwhelmed with animals with Cooke saying he was barely able to find room for this dog in the shelter.

"Just when we think depravity has reached its worst, something like this happens. We need adopters, we need fosters, we need volunteers. We cannot do this alone," Cooke said.

Cooke tells 21 News Brody's Crafted Cocktails, which made the drink in the bottle the dog was struck with will be donating to help with the dog's recovery.

At this point it is unknown if any charges have been filed or if police have any suspects in mind in this case.