The Ohio Supreme Court has announced that it won't hear the City of Youngstown's challenge to lower court decisions allowing the firefighter's union to submit grievances about pay and promotions to binding arbitration.

The announcement is included in a list of appeals the court has declined to review.

The case revolves around the firefighter union’s claim that the city violated a State Employment Relations Board Unfair Labor Practice finding and the union contract by failing to fill a vacancy with the retirement of Battalion Chief Sil Caggiano in 2021.

The union also argues that the city failed to provide backpay to other bargaining unit members who were financially impacted due to the delayed promotions attributable to the City’s abolishment of the Fire Battalion position.

The city claimed that the union’s grievances weren’t filed promptly, an argument rejected by both Mahoning County Common Pleas Court and an appeals court.

In its opinion, the Ohio Supreme Court declined jurisdiction in the case, calling the timeliness of the grievance a “procedural issue” requiring a determination of the collective bargaining agreement that must be determined by an arbitrator.

“As a consequence, the City’s assignments of error have no merit and the judgment entry of the trial court sustaining the complaint to compel arbitration is affirmed,” Tuesday’s opinion concluded.

The court's opinion may be read below: