The City of Cleveland has released a video of a plane preparing to take off from Burke Lakefront Airport shortly before it crashed into Lake Erie.

The Cessna 525 disappeared from radar on December 29 about a minute after takeoff and about two miles offshore.

On board:  Boardman native and Superior Beverage CEO John Fleming, his wife, Suzanne; their 2 sons, 15 year old John Robert Fleming, and 14 year old Andrew Fleming, a neighbor and neighbor's college age daughter.  

All six lived in Columbus.  The Flemings, in Dublin.  

The plane was headed to Columbus after a CAVS game.

The FAA released audio between the air traffic control towers of Cleveland Hopkins Airport and Cleveland's Burke Lakefront Airport.

Before learning of the crash air traffic spoke about icing issues.

"They're starting to get moderate icing at 6000 at least down to 4500," said one of the towers.

Then they realize they haven't heard from the Cessna.

"(CLE) I've called them four times, five times and they haven't answered one time.  (Lakefront) I don't even see them.  (CLE) I didn't see them either. He was there and I haven't seen him since."

Four minutes later, still nothing.

"I don't see anything. I don't see him or have talked to him at all."

A minute later, they start to consider the worst case scenario.

"I don't know if we might have to start search and rescue because, like is said, all I saw was at 3000, 2800. Should we do that? I think we'll have to because like I said, I'm not talking to them, I see nothing. Where he is supposed to be going? He's supposed to be going south."

Then nine minutes after that...

"(CLE) Just wondering what phone calls you have made? (LAKE) I'm calling the Coast Guard now, see if we can have them fly over. (CLE) You're calling them now? (LAKE) Yeah. (CLE) How about the police department or anything like that? (LAKE) Naw, I haven't made that call yet I'm trying to get the Coast Guard first and then we'll do everything after that. (CLE) Sounds good."

Since that night after days of searching the waters of Lake Erie, hundreds of pieces of debris and the remains from three of those on board the plane have been recovered.

So far investigators have not found the cause of the crash.