A Pennsylvania Grand Jury released a report on alleged sexual child abuse in the Catholic Diocese of Pennsylvania.

The report finds more than 300 accused priests of sexual abuse and more than 1,000 victims in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon outlining the findings of the grand jury.

The grand jury report states they found credible evidence of sexual abuse against 301 Pennsylvania priests. 

Shapiro says jurors actually received files on 400 alleged predator priests but the information was too 'scanty' to make a reasonable determination about what had happened. 

Shapiro says their investigation found 1,000 victims, however, he believes the actual number is in the thousands. "We feel certain there are still victims that have not come forward".

Shapiro says in each named Diocese, the Bishops knew about the allegations and had keys to 'secret archives' containing allegations and admissions of abuse and cover-up.

Shapiro started his press conference by saying "Some priests claimed it was horseplay and 'inappropriate conduct', but Shapiro says it was, in fact, child sexual abuse, including rape.

According to the grand jury report, investigators found the priests often gave the victims gifts so they were easier to target. Most gifts included gold crosses. The grand jury claims they saw a gold necklace from one of the victims. 

Shapiro mentioned several Diocese who knew about the alleged sexual abuse, covered it up until the statute of limitations ran out.

Shapiro says "Almost every case is too old to prosecute. We have prosecuted Erie and Greensburg".

During the press conference, Shapiro says he can't comment on what the Pope may or may not do. 

He ended by thanking the grand jury for the difference they made.

Shapiro says, "Our investigation into child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church leads onward."

If you know about sexual abuse, please call the hotline for sexual abuse victims at 888-538-8541.