A woman is behind bars after police said she stole a man's car after going over his house to give him "sexual pleasures."

Police said the victim told officers he picked up the woman, 34-year-old Shana Starks, from a rehab place near South Avenue around 1 pm on June 6 and went back to his place on Judson Avenue to get comfortable.

The 85-year-old victim said he laid down and Starks blindfolded him, tied both his hands and feet and then pulled his pants down, according to the police report.

Police said Starks told him to "relax" and she was going to "do something real special."

She then allegedly told him to listen and stay quiet.

Police said the victim was able to free himself and came to realize his key, spare keys and credit cards were gone.

He said his driver's license also missing from his pant's pocket. 

When he went outside to find Starks, he found his car was missing from the garage, which was damaged from when she allegedly left, according to police.

Police said it's unknown if the victim already paid for the sexual pleasures.

Starks was arrested four days later and booked into jail on charges of receiving stolen property, obstructing official business and driving outside of privileges. 

She was arraigned Wednesday and is expected in court again next week. 

Starks is in jail on a $5,000 bond.