U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is scheduled to meet with steelworkers in Warren on Monday as he reintroduces legislation that he says will hold companies more accountable when the send jobs overseas.

Brown, a Democrat, has scheduled a morning news conference at USW Local 1375 headquarters to talk about the Outsourcing Accountability Act.

According to Brown, companies are currently not required to publicly disclose where employees are based, making it difficult to accurately track the number of jobs they are eliminating in the United States and moving to foreign countries.

Brown's says his bill would help identify businesses that are sending jobs to foreign countries by requiring publicly traded companies to publish reports detailing the number of employees per location, including by state and by country.

He says the bill would also direct these companies to disclose the total number of employees and percentage change in employment figures for each state and country where they and their subsidiaries currently operate.