A new location for the Youngstown VA Outpatient Clinic has been selected.

VA deputy director for Outpatient Care in Northeast Ohio, Jose Salcedo, tells 21 news the current facility has outlived its usefulness.

"If you've gone to that clinic you can tell it's at the end of its life cycle. That was a concern for staff and patients all across the Youngstown area. So to me this means stability to the area. We've got a 20 year lease," said Salcedo.

While no new services will be provided at the new facility it will be larger and the VA says it will provide more personalized care and will focus on wellness and disease prevention.

A local veteran who speaks on veteran causes says the new building is a must-have for the valley.

"The specialty things you'll still have to go to Cleveland, but by us expanding there it's going to make it a lot easier. More patients in less time. And that's the key, less time," said John Brown III.

According to the release, the VA will sign a $24,740,800 lease agreement for 20 years to build and lease a property located at 1815 Belmont Avenue.

The release says they anticipate to move to the new facility in October 2020.

The building is set to move from the current 25,000 square foot facility to a 35,000 square foot location.

"Providing quality, accessible care for our veterans in an environment befitting of their service to our nation is essential," said Candace Ifabiyi, VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System Acting Director. "A new location, built to fit our needs, will allow us to provide specialized care for our veterans with dedicated teams and space, ensuring the personalized care VA is known for."

The release says the Youngstown clinic has 94 employees. It is one of 18 locations throughout the VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System.