An energy company has decided to not to build a third plant in Lordstown after House Bill 6 passed. 

Clean Energy Future LLC has terminated their new $1.1 billion Lordstown project after Governor DeWine signed the bill. 

The company began development efforts in late 2018 and will lose $1 million due to the termination of the project. 

Clean Energy Future LLC says that the loss of this third plant means the loss of potential jobs in the Valley.  

According to the company, 1,100 construction jobs, as well as 2.6 million man-hours, will be lost due to the cancellation of the project. 

House Bill 6 was signed by Governor DeWine at the end of July. Critics say that the bill is a bailout for FirstEnergy Solutions' two northern Ohio nuclear power plants. 

The President of Clean Energy Future LLC, William Siderewicz, says that the bill was made to help "Wall Street." 

"There are no 'green' advocates for this fraudulent clean air bill. There are no consumer, business, or environmental advocates. The only advocates are the recipients of the corporate welfare funds of $350-$375 million a year," said Siderewicz. "HB 6 is a classic case of Ohio Main Street Bailing out Wall Street." 

According to the bill, every customer will pay 85 cents a month starting in 2021. That money funnels $150 million a year into a fund that FirstEnergy Solutions will use to support its plants near Toledo and outside of Cleveland.