A nine-month investigation by the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office into the officer-involved shooting death of 35-year-old Matthew Burroughs concluded Friday with the release of the investigation report.

That report found that no charges will be filed.

Some locals have voiced their opinions on the findings, including Jennifer Cox, who shares a daughter with Burroughs.

"Y'all did not have to kill him. Y'all took him from my daughter," said Cox.

Burroughs is the father of Cox's nine-year-old daughter, Jayla.

Cox says after waiting nine long months while the prosecutor's office investigated, she wasn't expecting the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office to determine that the shooting was justified.

"The cops should have been held accountable," said Cox.

Cox says Jayla, now a third-grader, is suffering from losing her father and it has affected her view of law enforcement.

"She doesn't like cops. She said she's scared of them," Cox said.

A pastor who was close to Burroughs says, regardless of his past, he wants the community to know that he should have lived to have his day in court.

"As a man of God, I believe that every single human being has worth and value regardless of their mistakes and their past. Matthew Burroughs was robbed of that," said Pastor Todd Johnson.

The president and CEO of the Greater Warren Youngstown Urban League said he and his team would be looking into more information about the outcome they feel is unjust.

"I am not surprised it came out like this. Bottom line is they said he used his car as a weapon and under that, they had the green light to do anything. I don't believe that was the case," said Thomas Conley.

A rally is being organized for Saturday, September 21.

The time and location are still being worked out.