The Wagon Wheel Motel in Boardman could reopen soon.

According to Attorney David Comstock Jr., who represents Boardman Township in the Wagon Wheel case, the motel has made significant repairs and is no longer an imminent threat to occupants.

A Boardman fire inspector went to the Wagon Wheel Motel and saw that significant improvements to the motel's condition had been made.

According to Comstock Jr., the temporary restraining order will be lifted with the understanding that the motel continues to make improvements with the agreed-upon schedule.

Boardman Fire Chief Mark Pitzer told 21 News that while the temporary restraining order has been lifted, if the motel does not make permanent repairs by the agreed upon deadlines, legal action could be taken.

Comstock Jr. added that before Wagon Wheel reopens, the Department of Health and State Fire Marshal's office will conduct an inspection.

If the motel passes those inspections, it will be allowed to reopen.

The motel has been closed since June when the temporary restraining order was filed.