Touting President Trump's policies and a $1.3 million campaign fund, five-term Congressman Bill Johnson on Friday announced his intent to run for a sixth term next year.

Representing Ohio's Sixth District covering 18 counties in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, Johnson filed his re-election petitions.

Pointing out that his campaign has already raised $1,300,000, Johnson says he's running to continue working for a smaller, more effective, efficient, and transparent federal government that Johnson says is more accountable to the American people.

"President Trump's policies have lowered unemployment to historically low numbers," Johnson said. "Combined with the tax cuts that positively affected so many working families, we have the blueprint to success, and we need to carry it still further. That's why I'm pushing hard for rural broadband deployment -- the urban-rural digital divide must be closed."

Johnson, who serves on the house Energy and Commerce Committee and a senior member of the House Budget Committee, was first elected in 2010 and has been sent back to Washington by voters every two years since then.

Johnson said he looks forward to hitting the campaign trail.