A 23-year-old woman from Howland is free on bond after Warren Police say they found her with pot-infused crispy rice squares and other marijuana edibles.

Officers stopped Bianca Nasidka early Tuesday for illegally tinted car windows along Fifth Avenue near the Hampshire House apartments.

Police say the woman allowed them to search her car where, in addition to the pot-infused crispy rice, they also found several marijuana cubes, marijuana soft chews, mints, cannabis oil, and $234.

Police say the woman was also hiding a bottle of Xanax between her thighs.

Although Nasidka has a medical marijuana card, she told police she bought the marijuana products in Michigan. Officers told her it is not legal to buy medical marijuana out-of-state and bring it into Ohio.

Nasidka was booked into the county jail and pleaded not guilty the next morning to charges of drug possession and the window tint violation.

The next hearing in the case is set for late November.