The race for Youngstown mayor now has a Democratic victor in the primaries. 

Incumbent Mayor Tito Brown defeated his other two opponents Councilman Julius Oliver and businessman Ryan Kelly by thousands of votes. 

With all precincts reporting, Mayor Brown won with 3,233 votes (57.61%). 

Kelly followed with 1,596 votes (28.44%), while Oliver received 783 votes (13.95%). 

Mayor Brown will go on to face Republican challenger Tracey Winbush and four new candidates in November. 

Those include Independent candidates John White, Richard Vincent Hill and Tayana C. Smith. 

There is also one write-in candidate, Calvin Hill Sr. 

After acknowledging both Kelly and Oliver ran good campaigns, Brown said he hopes to work with them more closely going forward. 

"How I compete, I don't watch what others are doing, I know what I need to do," said Brown. "We had benchmarks and we set those benchmarks. Every week we had something to do every day we had something to do and tonight, you can see how it paid off for us."

Mayor Brown looks to move his city through a wave of violent crime, continuing uncertainty as the COVID pandemic drags on and get the city on more solid financial ground.

Mayor Brown told 21 News back in February that he feels the city is moving in the right direction and is a better place than it was when he first took office.

He believes that will separate him from several republican and independent candidates come November.

"The voters have already said they want me as the Democratic-endorsed candidate the city of Youngstown," added Brown. "They'll have to show the voters what they want. I've already talked about that."

When 21 News asked him about his plans between now and November, he said," I'm going to land the plane, take a break, give my family a little vacation. Biggest plan, I'm still the 51st mayor of the city of Youngstown. I have a city to run, but we're going to continue to share our version of where we are and where we're headed in the future. 

I believe in Youngstown and tonight, Youngstown showed how much they believe in me," said Brown. 

Mayor Brown also spoke specifically to the people who did not vote for him.

He promised to reach out to them and find ways to earn their vote come November. 

Ryan Kelly also responded to his loss Tuesday night.

He said he came into the race saying he was committed to Youngstown and wanted it to be a place where people were proud to live. 

It's his first run for office, and while he won't commit to running again, he is reaching out to Mayor Brown. 

"It's transparency, knowing we have to hold ourselves accountable to something, set goals," said Kelly. "I hope that does come to the forefront. I think that's clear that we need those and whether or not, and I would be willing to help Mayor Brown in any way and look at any of those things."

The general election will take place on November 2.