COVID retirements and COVID-19 burn out has led to a more pressing need for more professionals in the health care field.
And that also means there are opportunities for health care professionals.
At Rachel's in Autintown Mercy Health held a brunch to recruiting health care professionals for Hospice end of life care and in Home Care. Requests for in home health services is in much greater demand as we enter the third year of the pandemic.
"We have a lot of great opportunities were looking for RN's, LPN's, for state tested Nursing Assistants to provide home health like activities of daily living care in the home and were also looking for social workers as well," said Melanie Boyts, Director of Clinical Services Mercy Home Care and Hospice of the Valley.
Some nurses going through COVID-19 fatigue and burnout left for new and different careers, however those challenges have created opportunities.
Managers tell us wages are competitive, benefits packages attractive. And as COVID-19 cases continue to decrease across our region the interest in nursing has increased as well. 
"We are actually seeing a return of a lot of those nurses back to the ministry, and we also offer right now, we just launched a new internal offering where we can allow our nurses within Bon Secours  Mercy Ministry to actually do that same thing they can float across the entire health care system. You can work here in Youngstown one moment, and the next moment your in Richmond, Virginia," Arisha Williams Mercy Health Talent Acquisition Manager said. 
Williams added, "We are also working to keep talent within our organization. If someone in nursing is experiencing burn out and is looking at changing careers, We offer an education benefit through the Guild partnership we have, we can actually work with our associates who might want to pursue other career goals and educational opportunities, with 100 percent debt free program offering that we can  provide to them in the hope they would still be willing to stay with us and further their education along with that career goal they have. That has been helping us to retain our talent within the organization."
Boyts said, "There has been a surge of people needing care in the home since the pandemic. We have a lot of great opportunities. Our recruitment team are willing to move forward with same day offers. If someone is interested they can go to the Mercy Health website look at the career pages, and reach out to Talent and Acquisition and Mercy Home Health Care and Mercy Hospice of the Valley and speak to a manager. They will be happy to walk you through the application process."