The man who robbed the 717 Credit Union in Boardman on California Avenue handed the teller a note reading “Give me $5,000. The money or your life”, according to a police report.

Police on Thursday were still looking for the masked man who slipped the note under the teller’s window and banged on the counter demanding “more, more, more”, eventually scooping up the remaining money in the cash drawer before taking his note back and leaving.

The robber got away with far less than the $5,000 demanded in the note.  Police say he took $482 and change.

The teller told police she never saw a gun. The suspect had his hand in a pocket as if he was holding a weapon.

Police were originally given a tip that the robber may have made his getaway in a white Cadillac.  That proved not to be true.

Acting on another tip that the crook hopped on a WRTA bus, police stopped the bus on Market Street near Route 224 and several officers got on board and ordered passengers to put their hands in the air.

Police say they drew their weapons when one man refused to put up his hands.  That man and a man sitting next to him were arrested and put in a lineup in front of the credit union teller.

When she was unable to identify either of the men as the robber, they were released.

Investigators have released security images of the suspect described as an African American male, wearing a black hoodie, black pants with a Nike logo, and a surgical mask.

Anyone with information on the robbery can contact Detective Dan Baker at 330-726-4144.