Mahoning County Commissioners are expected to ask the County Prosecutor to seek recovery of thousands of dollars expended by hazmat crews when they responded to two separate incidents.

The first incident is a paint spill in Austintown in late April when a flatbed truck accidentally spilled 700 gallons of street marker paint on a car and the roadway near North Meridian and Crum Roads.

The second incident is a scrapyard fire in Girard just three days prior to the paint spill that took crews over six hours to fight off with the burning materials being so toxic that even the Ohio EPA had to get involved.

 According to the agenda for the meeting, Commissioners are seeking $2,075.85 for the paint spill and $4,483.43 for the scrapyard fire. 

The matter will be discussed at a Mahoning County Commissioners meeting at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 26.