June 19th is celebrated as the day when enslaved African Americans learned of their emancipation.
21 News talks with folks about a Juneteenth celebration at Buhl Park and asks what this means to people attending. 
Sharon and Hermitage joined together to celebrate Juneteenth.
It was Lakisha Harrison's idea to combine smaller Juneteenth celebrations into one larger event.
"Juneteenth is the day slaves were free and it means more to me than anything because as they came through, they celebrated that day, they sang and we received freedom, and that is everything to me," Lakisha Harrison said.
"This opened, more or less, an avenue to celebrate freely with music, food, friends, and definitely the built legacy from the young people so they understand what this day truly means," Jeffrey Gordon Pastor Highway to Heaven Teen Ministries added.
Pastor Gordon emphasized, "Juneteenth starts in our heart. You have to realize you are free to be who God created you to be, and all he wants is for us to love each other, encourage each other, live each other up."
Folks were greeted by friendly young faces, future entrepreneurs at a Lemonade stand.
They got to enjoy a bounce-around house, and a favorite was free pony and horse rides from, "For Him Foundations of Recovery Horses in Ministry."
There was also live music by the rap group Viberz.
"Just making good music. Just making people smile, good vibes, we're about good vibes," Rap Artist A-Rated said.
"It's good music, spiritual, interacting, just blessed, having a good time," Kaleb Koolin emphasized.
It was a day to also remember loved ones. 
Everyone was invited. 
"It does not matter the color of your skin, we can be free together, we can celebrate together, we can eat together, we can fellowship together, we can just be together," the organizer Harrison said.
Lakisha Harrison tells us she has plans to make this combined celebration a yearly event.