If you're into taking Instagram photos or just checking out unique locations, you might be familiar with the concept of an 'Umbrella-Alley."

It's a street alley, covered with hanging colorful umbrellas, providing shade and a cool background for pictures. 

You can find umbrella alleys in places as close as Canton and as far away as LA, Houston, San Francisco, and pretty much all over the world.
Now the Mahoning Valley has their own umbrella alley to call their own.

The East Liverpool-Calcutta area Garden Club installed all of these colorful umbrellas high in the air in a well-known East Liverpool alley way.

"This alley was dedicated to Frank Dawson. It's right next to the Lou Holtz Museum and old Crooks furniture store. It's just a lovely area with a shade garden. A place to relax, have yoga classes or have lunch," said Lisa Chronister with the Garden Club.

They want it to be a place for people to take selfies or just hang out.
They say it's all part of the new efforts to revitalize the city.

"We have several new restaurants, antique shops, the murals are beautiful. I would love to see more people come to East Liverpool and really look to see what we have here," said Mary Beth Gill, President of the Garden Club.

'Various businesses have come to the city in recent months, investing, buying buildings, re-doing them, remodeling and trying to get people to rent them. There's a lot of good positive things," said David Dawson, ELP Safety Service Director.