A couple of Ohio children are teaching compassion and generosity through their actions.

The Jefferson County Humane Society and Jefferson County Animal Shelter recently reported on Facebook two examples of children making donations.

Late last month a girl named Rayne brought in items she collected at her birthday party.  The donations included food for cats and dogs, as well as cleaning items for the shelter.

More recently, Cayson Ternasky delivered a truckload of similar items.

Cayson’s mom wrote: “This was the photo of my son who did his own donation drive because he wanted to make a difference. He donated over 200$ worth of stuff and even saved his own money up to sponsor a cat kennel”



The society and shelter is a non-profit 501c3 organization located in Wintersville, Ohio which is not directly funded through any local, state or federal tax dollars.

They receive no financial support from donations made to any regional or national animal welfare organization.