On Sept. 12, the workers at Ultium Cells battery plant in Lordstown voted to strike for recognition from General Motors.

After one month, 21 News reached out to see where things stood between Ultium workers and GM.

According to UAW 1112 President, Darwin Cooper, negotiations are underway in Detroit for union approval for GM's Ultium Cells battery plant workers, with the goal for GM to acquiesce their plea for union recognition under United Auto Workers.

Last month, ninety-four percent of Ultium employees voted to strike for recognition. 

Cooper said it could take several weeks for both parties to reach a resolution. 

Union authorization cards last month were signed by 85% of Ultium Cells employees. 

Cooper told 21 News in September if their requests are not accepted it could hurt both the plant and General Motors.

"Both sides end up losing usually when there's a strike but there are times when you have to strike. These workers are underpaid. We're getting reports of a lot of health and safety concerns coming out of the plant. We want the company to be successful, we want to help them be successful. Its important to this Valley, not just to the workers there or this union," Cooper said at the time of the vote.

Ultium Cells LLC began production in August. The joint venture plant is the first of its kind in Lordstown between LG Energy Solutions and General Motors; producing electric vehicle batteries.

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