With one week until the election Tim Ryan and JD Vance talked with voters in a televised town hall Tuesday night.

Candidates for Ohio's open senate seat made a final pitch in a race that's been polling extremely close. 
Inflation and energy costs were the most important concerns of Democrats, Republicans and Independent voters in the Fox News Channel event.
"When it comes to inflation we need a tax cut. We need to put money in people's pockets," said," Congressman Tim Ryan.
"One thing we can do is to open up the pipeline and open up our energy industry that will cause a reduction in prices almost immediately," said J.D. Vance. 
Ohio bans abortions after five months due to Ohio's six-week heartbeat law being blocked indefinitely by a judge.
Vance who is pro-life supports reasonable exceptions to save a mother's life and supports Ohio's five-month ban.
"We should not be aborting babies who can feel pain who are fully formed. That's my view," Vance said. 
Tim Ryan is pro-choice.
"I think we go back to Roe v. Wade. I believe if it is later in the term there should not be an abortion unless there is a medical emergency.  We have 50 years of case law. We had stability," Ryan said.
Ryan believes MAGA (Make America Great Again) rhetoric for the capital riots and attack on Paul Pelosi.
Vance pointed out Paul Pelosi's attacker was an illegal immigrant, adding we need to also stop the flow of deadly fentanyl flooding our towns.
"We actually learned over the last six years border walls work. We need to finish the border wall and actually complete the southern border," said Vance. 
Ryan says he is for border walls in some places, and the use of technology to keep fentanyl and drugs out.
The political analysts described both competent saying this explains the close race.