After 15 years in office, Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda has relinquished his role as Trumbull County Commissioner, making way for a new person to step up and fill the spot. Tuesday night, Republican candidate Dennis Malloy beat out Democratic candidate Mike O'Brien for the seat, and Malloy tells 21 News he's ready to get to work.

"I'm gonna earn every pay check that the tax payers wanna pay me, and I'm going to be a co-worker with the county employees, not their boss," said Malloy. "I'm not going in as some big wig, I'm just a normal guy that ran to bring my skills to the county to make the county better," he said.

One of the issues top of mind for Trumbull County residents is the dysfunction between current commissioners. The chemistry between sitting commissioners can sometimes get toxic.

21 News has reported on shouting matches, lots of disagreements and one commissioner being led out of a meeting in handcuffs. Malloy says he believes he has just what the commissioners need to work together peacefully and professionally.

"I am a blend of the whole board right now, I was a Democrat, I know Mauro well, I'll work great with Mauro. I am a Republican, I know Niki, I'll work with Niki," Malloy said. "The ingredients they had last time on the board of commissioners were three different temperaments and personalities, I'm gonna do everything that I can to ensure that the ingredients here are a little bit better," he said.

In addition, Malloy's top priorities moving into this new role include giving a voice to the county and improving the water systems.

"I wanted to give a voice to our employees, our Trumbull County employees. We have a very, very dedicated work force that the morale has gone down, they've lost their pride in their job and I don't want any Trumbull County employee to wake up in the morning feeling sick that they gotta go to work," Malloy said. "The water issues in Trumbull County are a mess. My pet project is going to make sure we get infrastructure into Trumbull County, we're gonna get sewer, we're gonna get water and make the north part of Trumbull County be as important of an asset as the cities in Lordstown," he said.

Trumbull County Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa tells 21 News he'll work well with Malloy to ensure the county runs smoothly.

"First, I applaud both candidates for putting their names on a ballot. I personally know how difficult that is. These positions we hold go far beyond just budgets and policies, these are positions of public trust," said Cantalamessa. "How we conduct ourselves matters. Civil discourse matters and respect for these consequential positions we are entrusted with matters. As always...I will continue to find common ground in order to move Trumbull County forward," he said.

We reached out to Niki Frenchko for comment several times but she never commented on the race.