A Lawrence County is a bit poorer after falling for a phony sweepstakes scam.

The 60-year-old Bessemer, Pennsylvania woman told State Police that she got a call from a stranger in early December saying she had won a sweepstakes, but needed to buy gift cards to claim the prize.

The caller kept calling the woman saying she needed to buy more gift cards.

The victim complied, giving the caller the numbers needed to cash the prepaid Visa gift cards.

By the time police were contacted, the woman had lost $3,550 and never collected a dime from the so-called sweepstakes.

Police say they have no leads in the case.

The Federal Trade Commission says you should be wary if someone says you’ve won a prize, but first, you must pay fees or other charges with a gift card.

Remember: no honest business or agency will ever make you pay with a gift card. But also — ask yourself: did you even enter that sweepstakes?

No real business or government agency will ever insist you pay them with a gift card. Anyone who demands to be paid with a gift card is a scammer.