A huge turn out by family and friends of 16 year old Chassidy Broadstone who died in a fire in Warren. Family and friends are in shock and grieving.

Around 200 people met at Packard Park to release balloons and share memories.
A few hundred people showed up with primarily Green and other colorful balloons to release in memory of Chassidy Broadstone.
 Family and friends hold on to each other at Packard Park in Warren as they show support 
as they try to ease the pain and sorrow. 
There were a lot of tears as people describe the 16 year old as being the best, a friend who helped everyone. 
"She was like somewhere I could run away to if I needed a break from everybody. She was like the person who could come in a room and light it up. She could cheer you up when you were sad. She would make jokes about something and make you laugh. She was very smart. She had big dreams when she gets older," Sophia Gore said. 
Her English teacher from Harding High School says Chassidy touched many lives.
"She is loved by students and staff, She's grown so much this year. She had a passion for learning. She had a passion for helping and loving. Everyone who knew her couldn't say a bad word about her," English Teacher Dave Staley said.
People who knew her are hurting, and angry someone could set a fire on purpose to the home on Nevada Avenue NW where she lives. 
There are hopes the arsonist and the suspect or suspects who murdered her will be caught soon.
Others said their friend did not deserve this, adding it's just wrong. They expressed that they hope the suspect or suspects get the maximum sentence to prison.
As they mourn her loss they say Chassidy lives in their memories and hearts.
"She would always light up a room whenever she walked into a room. She made everybody happy. She was just a very loving girl. ... She was just one of a kind," Elizabeth tittle said.
Anyone with information can call the Ohio State Fire Marshal's tip line at 800-589-2728.
A reward of $5,000 is being offered for anyone who has information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects.