An online petition started earlier this week demanding Norfolk Southern to purchase the homes of residents wishing to leave East Palestine at full value.

In the petition's description, organizer and Ohio Peace Council Chair, Werner Lange said despite officials lifting the evacuation order, residents are still reporting ailments such as headaches, nosebleeds, sore throats, nausea, shortness of breath and rashes.

"Residents continue to suffer from serious ailments, and a dark cloud of fear and anxiety continues to hover over greater East Palestine. Property values have plummeted, and righteous anger has skyrocketed," Lange wrote.

Lange went on to describe the disaster as "Ohio Chernobyl" and criticized the response from state and federal officials calling it "next to worthless."

"Residents are trapped in a carcinogenic cage. Their only viable path to liberation and safety is to move, but most cannot afford to do so," Lange wrote.

That's why Lange, and others who have signed the petition are demanding Norfolk Southern to buy out the property of all residents and businesses wishing to relocate at full value.

"Anything less abandons most, if not all of our fellow Americans trapped there to a life of anxiety, fear, deteriorating health and premature death," Lange wrote.

So far, a total of 169 people have signed the petition. The petition can be found here.