Many in the Mahoning Valley likely remember the high winds that knocked out power for tens of thousands of residents and caused trees to fall across all three counties two weekends in a row.

Now, Vienna Township Trustee, Phil Pegg is calling on communities from across Trumbull County to a meeting to discuss how these two major storms and outages were handled at Kent State University's Trumbull County Campus Tuesday evening.

Pegg tells 21 News the main topics that will be discussed are what worked and what didn't work, as well as let communities know who's responsible for what in instances like this.

According to Pegg, when high winds or trees knock down power lines, it's FirstEnergy's job to cut power, remove downed wires and work to restore power lines and power for neighborhoods.

What FirstEnergy isn't responsible for is cleaning up the debris and fallen trees and branches in the community. That duty falls on counties cities and townships.

Other topics that will be discussed are areas of improvement for future situations like this including the communication of information, opening up warming/charging centers and distribution of materials like water and ice.

The meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m.