A man from Austintown is Thanking God he is alive right now after a drive-by shooting this weekend. 
The victim was driving home when one bullet narrowly missed his head, and another bullet fragment grazed his arm. 
Adam Zagotti was driving home from work Sunday at around 11:40 at night when he noticed what appeared to be a driver in possibly a Pontiac Sunfire or some similar vehicle with a raised-up sunroof following him closely in the 2,000 block of Mahoning Avenue. 
"They were still behind me when I got to the light and I thought they were awfully close to my bumper, but I didn't think much of it," Zagotti said. 
But that changed in an instant.
After the light turned from red to green at the intersection of Meridian and Mahoning as Zagotti started driving he heard some loud pops.
"I went through the light and that's when the window exploded, and something whizzed past my head and I felt my shirt getting all wet in the back from the one that went through the back of the seat," Zagotti explained. 
A fragment of that bullet that went through the seat of his rental car grazed the back of his arm near his shoulder. 
Another bullet shattered the back of the Dodge Charger's window, narrowly missed his head, and exited the front windshield cracking it. Zagotti is shocked this happened on the West side and is thanking God he is alive.
"I would suspect it was mistaken identity or random violence because I was driving a Dodge Challenger as a rental car," Zagotti said. 
Austintown Police shut the road down for over two hours processing the crime scene, looking for shell casings, and other possible evidence.
They are also canvassing businesses hoping the gunman and vehicle information were caught on camera. 
Do you have video evidence of a drive-by shooting on Mahoning Avenue? 
If your business on Mahoning Avenue has surveillance video from Sunday, September 3, 2023, from around 11:20 p.m. to midnight of the Dodge being followed by another vehicle, or a vehicle speeding off near that stretch of Mahoning Avenue please call Austintown Police.