With high costs of living, and rising gas prices,  a gift certificate for groceries can provide some welcomed relief to Veterans and their families, especially with Thanksgiving dinner coming up. 
About 180 veterans and a few veteran's wives lined up around the Sparkle Market in Cornersburg. 
They were waiting to get the blessing of a $40.00 dollar Sparkle Market gift certificate from the Youngstown Chapter 2 Disabled American Veterans. 
This gift will help put a traditional Thanksgiving holiday meal on their tables.
"We need it. I hope everybody can get in and I apprecaite the DAV doing this for us," Veteran Joe Nemergut said.
"Money is scarce and jobs are tight, and a lot of veterans are in need so this money will help us provide for our families, as well as ourselves," Vetran Alvin Roberts said. 
Each veteran here has his or her own story of sacrifice, giving back to our country for our freedoms we enjoy. 
"I came back with only six guys from Vietnam, so I know exactly how it feels to be home safe. This is really nice what they're doing," Veteran Michael Bodnar said. 
The give away is possible through individual, businesses, and organizations that donate.
"The Eagles is having a dance for us and wil give a donation. The MCCTC picnic next Saturday and we are getting a donation, and people are having a bike run once a year. It's all from donations," said Bob Cooper, Fundraising Chairman and Treasurer for the DAV Youngstown Chapter 2, said. 
Money from an upcoming Eagle Riders dinner & dance in Austintown will help the DAV buy wheelchairs for veterans in need.
"November 10th form 7 to 10 p.m. it is a Mash themed dance. We are going to have dinner and dancing. Everyone can dress up as their favorite MASH character if they like. The money is going to the DAV," Kim Scott said. 
About 30 veterans were turned away when the 150 gift certfiicates totaling $6.000 dollars ran out. 
The gift certificates were given out on a first come first serve basis. 
So donations are always needed. 
You can go the Facebook Page DAV Youngstown Chapter 2 for information on how you can give back to those who have done for us.