A family in Brookfield needs help after a fire on Thanksgiving day.

They lost all their dogs that were going to be trained for people, and they lost most of their possessions.
Through it all they are thankful they and their eight-month-old daughter are alive. 
On Thanksgiving day Sherman, Jessica, and their eight-month-old daughter sat down to Thanksgiving dinner at his sister's house.
Shortly later they got a call from a neighbor telling them a fire in the basement of their home and smoke that filled their house on Stewart-Sharon Road, killed all 17 dogs, including their pet, a retired Cleveland police K-9 German Shepherd named Dexter. Dexter turned ten in this picture. The retired K-9 officer was 11 years old.
"We've been known to take in a lot of rescue Belgian Malinois. It's not a common breed. It's commonly used for police K-9 working dogs... Just because of how high drive they are people tend to get them and don't know what to do with them," Sherman Holbrook said. 
They lost 8 puppies and 9 adult dogs. 
They were dogs they hoped would bring as much joy to families as the dogs did to them.
One dog was almost ready to be shipped out to a family in California.
Holbrook emphasizes the emotional support a dog can give is priceless, saying his dog Thor saved his life as he battled severe depression and alcohol use in the past.
"The power that these dogs have to keep you here in your darkest days is just amazing," Holbrook emphasized.
 "It's very hard. I miss my dogs so much, and I would give anything to have them here," Jessica Schuleberger said. 
The family tells us that an electrical fire burned the inside of their basement and home on Stewart Sharon Road, the beams charred, the roof trusses and more damaged or destroyed.  Their daughters and their possessions were ruined by smoke damage. 
"All of her things, her crib, changing table, her toys, stuffed animals, all of our things in our bedroom," Schuleberger added.
A friend started a GoFundMe page called House Fire and lost 17 K9 working dogs and pups.
The couple say the donations can help them pick up their lives, and so they can get back to their purpose in life-saving and training dogs for others.