21 WFMJ archives / March 17, 1957 | Downtown Youngtown shoppers got a sideshow 67 years ago as city firemen practiced a speedy way of getting to the ground from a precarious perch on the Dollar Bank Building. The demonstration, sponsored by the Downtown Board of Trade, was put on to attract more shoppers to Dollar Days.

March 18

1999: Visiting Judge Mark K. Weist sentences former Mahoning County Commissioner Frank Lordi to 18 months in prison for theft in office, calling it "one of the most serious nonviolent offenses." 

A test of the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District's water supply shows no trace of synura, the algae that had been blamed for the objectionable odor and taste of water being distributed by the MVSD.

U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant and U.S. Sen. George Voinovich announce the final approval of a $11.2 million federal building at the Northeast corner of Commerce Street and Wick Avenue in downtown Youngstown.

1984: Preliminary results of a three-year study of acid rain show Western Pennsylvania may have the worst readings for acidity in the nation. A monitor in Mercer County showed pH readings averaging 4.06 in 1982. "Pure" rain has a pH reading of 5.6 or 5.7.

Local supporters of Ohio Sen. John Glenn's failed presidential candidacy acknowledge that his personality failed to spark enthusiasm among campaign crowds, but one, businessman J.J. Cafaro, says the Iowa caucuses, in which Glenn placed fifth, put him behind and there wasn't time to re-establish himself as a frontrunner. "In spite of the fact that John Glenn is a decent, honorable, well-meaning individual, his style just did not catch on with the public," said J. Phillip Richley.

The settlement known as Heaton's Furnace on the banks of Mosquito Creek became known as Niles 150 years ago because its founder, James Heaton, named it after Hezekiah Niles of Baltimore, a journalist greatly admired by Heaton. 

1974: A 14-year-old is wounded, and three other teenagers are arrested when an irate homeowner fires several rifle shots after flushing the group from a neighbor's house on Falls Avenue.  

James Pelton, owner of the Niles Garbage Agency, the city's contract solid waste collector, says his company is going out of business.   

Ursuline's Tim Joyce is named to the Associated Press All-Ohio first team. He was the team's most prolific scorer, averaging 30 points a game. 

1949: Threatened with court action by the city, Youngstown Municipal Railway Co. agrees to continue weekly and Sunday passes through April.  

Fred H. Waring, the chief engineer of the Ohio Department of Health, advises Youngstown's citizen's committee that the city must educate the people on the acute need for a plant to treat sewage and industrial waste now being dumped in streams and rivers.