If you’re a fan of those labels that show calories, carbs, protein, and other nutritional information on food, then you may be interested to know that Internet service providers are now required to display similar information about their broadband internet service.

In a step to end consumer confusion over the most economical and fastest broadband, as of today, the Federal Communications Commission is mandating ISPs to display consumer-friendly labels at the point of sale.

The labels are now required at any point of sale, including online and in stores for large service providers offering standalone home or fixed internet service or mobile broadband plans.

Providers must display the label, not simply an icon or link to the label, close to an associated plan’s advertisement.

The labels must include broadband prices, speeds, introductory rate details, and data allowances, as well as links with information on available discounts or service bundles, network management practices, and privacy policies.

As of now, only big providers must display the labels.  As of October 10, providers with less than 100,000 subscribers must also comply with the rules.

Also in October, providers will be required to make the labels machine-readable to enable third parties to collect data more easily to create comparison-shopping tools for consumers.

The FCC says it is making the rule to provide accurate, simple-to-understand information about broadband internet access services to help consumers make informed choices.

According to the FCC, transparency encourages competition, innovation, low prices, and high-quality service.

In July 2021, President Biden’s Executive Order included the creation of broadband consumer labels. Later that same year, Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which directed the FCC to require consumer-friendly labels with information about broadband services.