After months of uncertainty following an enrollment pause for Eastern Gateway Community College causing students to be displaced, the college will soon be dissolving.

During a meeting held on Wednesday, the college has approved a plan to dissolve on October 31.

In the meantime, Eastern Gateway will continue providing educational opportunities for students throughout the summer with a graduation held in March. The school expects this to be their last program.

Enrollment has been on pause for Eastern Gateway since February of 2024 and students who were not graduating during that semester were forced to look elsewhere to continue their education.

This was in response to ongoing financial issues with the college. 

Since the pause, numerous other colleges, universities, and career and technical centers, such as Youngstown State University, Kent State University, and Coffin Career and Technical Center, have welcomed displaced students.

YSU, in particular, has announced plans to have a presence in Steubenville to provide students from Eastern Gateway's Steubenville campus an education close to home.

Editor's note: This story has been corrected concerning YSU's plan for the Steubenville area.