For 22 years members of the Community Concerned Citizens(CCC) organization have been honoring freedom, resilience, and the history of Black Americans at Quinby Park in Warren. 

"We figured we should go ahead and educate our own people on our own holidays, and our own celebrations because nobody's gonna do that for us, Danny Houston, vice president of CCC said. 

Their Juneteenth celebration has been a cornerstone of the community. Houston told 21 News their organization was the first to celebrate the freedom day in the Mahoning Valley, long before it was recognized federally.  

A notable feature at this celebration is an exhibit tracing significant milestones. From the arrival of the first Black Americans in 1619 through the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 to present day achievements.

Organizers said whether through workbooks or verbal history lessons, learning about history and culture during Juneteenth celebrations serves as a powerful reminder of a bright future.