A jury has found the suspect in a 2016 murder on Youngstown's east side not guilty on all three charges against him.

Court employees tell 21 News 26-year-old D'Aundre Turner has been found not guilty on all charges against him including aggravated murder, murder and robbery.

These charges were connected to the 2016 robbery and shooting death of 22-year-old Omar Croom on Oak Street Extension back in March of 2016. U.S. Marshals had arrested Turner on these charges in May of 2023.

Police say Croom was lured to an address on the street where he was robbed, shot and left to die.

While Turner has been found innocent, a case is still ongoing for another suspect in the homicide in the form of 25-year-old Ranee Fitzgerald. She does not have a trial date set up yet, but her next court date is set for Friday, June 21.