If you drive down Route 46 in Canfield near the Kirk Road intersection, you've probably seen Christopher Wetzel.

Wetzel sits outside of his Canfield home waving at all the cars that drive by and keeps count of each one that honks at him each day. He's tallied nearly 800 honks by Thursday afternoon.

Wetzel told 21 News he's confident he can get to 1,000 honks by the end of the day.

Austintown-based roofing contractor Boak & Sons decided to contribute to Wetzel's mission to spread joy to drivers in the neighborhood by building him a shelter so he can keep waving rain or shine and even in cases of extreme heat.

21 News originally interviewed Wetzel back in 2022 when he told us the reason he does this every day is because he loves interacting with his community and making others happy.

Two years later, that hasn't changed.