A new state program could help you choose a hotel room based on its safety records.

If you're traveling out of town you don't really know a whole lot of about where to stay except for maybe a few online reviews.

Now the state fire marshal's office is launching a new designation that will tell you that a hotel has passed intensive safety inspections and has not been an area prone to illegal activities like prostitution, drug activity or even bed bug problems.

It's called the safe stay designation.  Right now only 43 hotels have it in the state, none of which are located in the valley. 

Tracie Boyd from the state Fire Marshal's office in Columbus, said, "The program is really an incentive program that will reward those who are in continual compliance and it will hopefully incentivize those who are borderline and bring their facilities into full compliance and maintain that on a continual basis."

Firefighters says hotels pose dangerous conditions especially since most are made of wood and not concrete.  Fortunately though, hotels are required to have alarms and sprinkler systems.

Boardman Fire Chief, Mark Pitzer, said, "If there would be a fire in the building the alarm would catch it quickly and if there are flames hopefully the sprinklers will hold it to a small fire until we are able to get inside with our hose lines."

Hotel managers say it is not easy to get this designation, nor should it be.

"It's obviously very important and it's comforting to know that they have such a thorough process and they will come back and make sure everything is done right. in the long run that is fantastic and it's what we want also," according to Boardman Holiday Inn manager, Mike Moliterno.

Many valley hotels have applied for the designation.  They have to be free of any safety violations for 24 consecutive months and free of any nuisance violations for 60 straight months.

Information about specific hotels in each Ohio county may be found by following this link.