Governor Mike DeWine says Mahoning County has a high performing drug court.  So much so, that he wants more of them like it in the state.

He said he is asking state lawmakers for more money in the next budget to add 30 more drug courts at the cost of $7.5 million.  Ohio currently has 150 of them. 

He said it is much more cost effective to treat drug addiction than it is to incarcerate.

"Instead of using social services, instead of being locked up somewhere, all those options are a drag on society frankly. They are a productive member of society who are giving back. They are living a life," said DeWine.

DeWine says Mahoning County is unique because a lot of people are involved in making sure the offender doesn't fall through the cracks.

"You have so much community support that comes together. They meet once a week with each individual going through the drug court, so it's a real collaborative effort. That's what makes it work," added DeWine.

County drug court Judge Jack Durkin says there are many areas of the state where people don't have access to a drug court.  

"There are areas where treatment consists of going to an AA or NA meeting, so certain programs like this need to be expanded. I sit on a variety of state teams, and we recognize that in rural areas especially we need to expand the ability to offer programs like this one," said Durkin.

The new courts will be added later this year if the governor's budget is passed.