Police are investigating reports of someone setting booby-traps for teens riding four-wheelers in a Warren neighborhood. Now one teen has been injured by one of those traps.

A 13-year-old Patchen Avenue boy told police he was standing up on his four-wheeler behind Greenmont Drive Monday evening when he was thrown from the four-wheeler after running into a rope stretched between two trees. The teen told the officer that if he had been sitting instead of standing, the rope would have struck him in the neck.

According to a police report, the teen had several cuts on both arms after running into the rope.

The teen, who showed up at the police station with his mother, told an officer that they believe a man who lives in the area has been setting booby-traps such as boards with screws in them to flatten the four-wheeler's tires.

Police say they know the name of the suspect having investigated past complaints, including one where he allegedly tried to run the four-wheelers off the road with his Jeep.

The report, which does not name the suspect, says detectives are investigating.