Riviera Creek LLC has seen such high demand for its products and steady growth that it's doubling its grow site from 5,000 to 10,000 square feet.

"The market has grown, and as the market grows, we grow, so we're just going to continue on," said Riviera Creek CEO Daniel Kessler.

The expansion not only includes more grow space but mothering rooms and ancillary spaces to be utilized for the harvesting and cultivation of cannabis.

One of the reasons for the expansion is because their Stambaugh brand is so popular.

"We think quality is what really matters, and so far, we can't satisfy the demand," said Riviera Creek Chairman of the Board, Brian Kessler. "One of the complaints we have is people keep saying it's still not on the shelves, and they think that we're not expanding, we are, we've been expanding every month, and we'll continue to expand very actively, but it's that we have people that really like our product which is great."

Chairman of the Board Brian Kessler says Stambaugh is one of the highest tested products in the state.

"Our quality has really been almost unbelievable," Kessler said. "There have been people saying, really. It's that good because we have now tested probably over 200 times. Quite frankly, even compared to some of our other products, Stambaugh consistently tests at one of the highest levels of quality you can buy."

With the expansion comes a new way for patients to get Stambaugh. It's called an Amalfi Vape Stick.

"We created Amalfi Vape Sticks and Amalfi Heaters," Kessler said. "These are pre-packed sticks that have actual cannabis in them that allow you to take this special unit that heats up and put the stick inside to create a vaping experience that all you have to do is inhale. There is no mess. There's no prep work. You don't have to worry about did you pack it heavy or not."

Each stick is pre-packed with equal doses of cannabis in a unique non-combustible material.

"We worked almost a year designing the sticks," Kessler said. "So these are able to be vaped, but you can't light it on fire and try to smoke it because they self extinguish. Inside the heater, here is a ceramic core that embeds in the stick, so you get a full even distribution of heat. That is something special and unique that doesn't exist anywhere in the market."

The heaters cost about $30. Each box comes with 14 sticks, which is the daily dose of medical marijuana for the patient.

It's a vaping system Kessler has spent the past five years developing.

"This was solving a problem that's existed in the cannabis base forever," Kessler said. "Right now, in the state of Ohio, you're only allowed to vape cannabis. You're not supposed to roll a joint. You're not supposed to smoke it in a bong. You're not supposed to smoke it on a cigarette. The problem is with bud, to make this product so you can use it, you have to buy a grinder, and then you have to grind it and take the material and create these little flakes and then pack into a vaping unit. Vaping units cost anywhere from 300-400 dollars. They are very expensive. Whereas oils, you get them in cartridges, but they are processed, and processed oils have been very convenient and easy to use but also introduced some new problems when people change it from just bud to oil. I spent the last five years working on marrying these two things to make the convenience of vaping but as easy as the convenience of buying an oil but using actual material from cannabis."

The expansion is also bringing jobs with it. The company currently has just under 30 employees but say each expansion will bring anywhere from 5 to 7 jobs. If all goes well, they hope to continue expansion from the 10,000 square foot grow site to 20,000 square feet in 2022.