The last known white deer to roam Mill Creek Park has died following pregnancy complications.

Former park naturalist Bob Coggeshall, who was one of several people who acted as guardians of the deer known as Bella, reported on his Facebook page that the nearly two-year-old deer passed away Tuesday afternoon.

After several days of carrying a stillborn fawn, Coggeshall says that infection set in. 

Bella was found Tuesday morning on the ground near Bears Den Road. Wildlife experts from Akron were called in and the deer was taken to a veterinarian in Cortland where the fawn was removed.

Antibiotics were administered to Bella. However, she was unable to survive.

Coggeshall, who estimates that he has photographed Bella and her mother 75,000 times, was one of many people who cataloged the life of the deer.

Mickey Drabison, whose Facebook page is filled with images and stories about the deer and her companions, said Bella was known by other names including Queenie, Frost, Snow White, Missy, and many more.

Drabison said that Bella was not a pure albino, but still rare with its occurrence about one in 20,000.