As police continue to investigate the murder of 13 year old London Jones, they say witnesses at the party on Carroll street are still not coming forward or not telling the truth. Youngstown police say Jones was not the intended target.

While police have an idea of who was, they aren't yet releasing that information. The shooting was the result of a fight that police say may have started or continued on social media.

Social media is increasingly becoming a tool in the deadly shooting situations in Youngstown, police say they sometimes receive tips about it and then they monitor the online sites to get ahead of a situation.

"Once we get a tip, we check up on it," said Youngstown Police Community Liaison Malik Mostella. "We may even go out and talk to the person if we can, if it's something that no violence has taken place already, we try to catch it early," he said.

Although some situations ended in tragedy, there are others that haven't.

"I would say there have been plenty of things, especially with our younger, our teenagers where we've been able to stop stuff from happening simply because we heard about it ahead of time," said Mostella.

Mostella says the department is looking into doing more with social media because of how many tips they get.

Meanwhile the alleged shooter, Shamara Green, was arraigned in court this afternoon and is being held on a million dollar bond.

She's charged with murder and felonious assault. Police say they'd still like to speak to everyone who was there that night and are urging them to come forward with truthful information.

Jones was a student at EJ Blott Elementary school in Liberty, where they're offering grief counseling for students.